Wind Up Felszámoló és Válságkezelő Zrt Wind Up Felszámoló és Válságkezelő Zrt

WIND UP Felszámoló és Válságkezelő Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (WIND UP Liquidation and Crisis Management Private Limited Company or WIND UP Zrt) was formed on 12 November 2012. Its founders are lawyers and attorneys with outstanding expertise in the field of economic law, who have also gained significant experience in the field of insolvency law.

WIND UP Zrt was entered in the liquidators’ register by the authority managing the liquidators’ register on 15 February 2014, and it started its activity as liquidator and other activities subject to registration in the liquidators’ register (administrator, involuntary liquidator, asset manager etc.) from that date.

Even at the time of foundation, it was an important aspect for WIND UP Zrt to be able to perform its activities as liquidator, asset manager or other activities subject to inclusion in the liquidators’ register in the entire territory of Hungary at the same time regarding complex procedures involving considerable work load as well as in respect of easy-to-complete simplified winding up procedures occurring in masses. For this purpose, WIND UP Zrt established branches in all the areas of competence of the courts of appeal acting as court of second instance in insolvency proceedings, and started its activity with the contribution of experts having appropriate qualifications and significant professional experience in insolvency proceedings (qualified lawyers, economists, auditors etc.).

Thus, WIND UP Zrt, since its registration in the liquidators’ register, has had and still has the resources and competences necessary for performing the activities and conducting the proceedings subject to registration in the liquidators’ register, so for conducting liquidation procedures, bankruptcy proceedings, involuntary dissolution proceedings, asset settlement procedures in a manner possibly ensuring the achievement of the legal purpose of the given proceedings under the given circumstances as well as for acting as wage guarantee commissioner.

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